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 Dog walks :

 Dog walks can be one hour or half hour long and walked in a group  (no more than 4 dogs)  or individual (one on one) depending on which best suits your dog/dogs  needs whether you choose group or individual walks dogs will be picked up from your home in my secure air conditioned van and taken to one of my favourite dog  walking spots which include Oakwell hall country park, Batley park and woods, Pugneys country park, Tingley reservoir and Spen valley greenway. First aid  box,water,treats, spare leads/collars and poop bags are always carried in van. senior dogs that would struggle to jump in van i do have a ramp to make things easier for  them.

 Group walks :
 Group walks are done with up to 4 dogs at a time, i select dogs with similar personalities and all group dogs have to be other dog friendly, dogs love to socialize just as  people do, dogs are natually pack animals and happy to have there friends along side them also dogs can benefit from group walk as it helps to build confidence in shy or  young dogs.

 Individual walks :
 If you would prefer one on one walks for your dog for any reason these can be arranged should it be that they struggle to get along with other dogs, elderly dogs that  would struggle to keep up with a group or just your preferance, i would recommend female dogs in season to be walked individually for the duration of season, 
Dog Boarding

 Whether its a holiday, a weekend away or just over night you can enjoy your time away knowing your pet/pets will be welcomed into my home and cared for like one of  my own, your dog/dogs will be walked up to 3 times a day, fed and watered, have playtime and plenty cuddles,
 prior to boarding i would need your dog/dogs to meet up with my 2 Jack russells to determine weather they got along, due to my dogs been small dogs sorry i can only  board small to medium dogs in the home, but i do have an out building with full heating, sofa and tv to accomadate larger dogs which you are more than welcome to  come see, 
 own food must be provided by you as dogs get used to certain food brands and can upset there system if changed, also some dogs have special diets ect.. 
 places are limited as i will only board 2 dogs in the home at any one time,
 Photos and videos will be available to see when you arrive home so you can see how they got along in your absence, i will also message you if you wish to let you know  how they have settled in.

Home visits

 Dogs are social animals and don't like to be left alone for long periods of time, some dogs also suffer from seperation anxiety, i can offer 1-3 visits a day which provides  them with some company for your beloved pets and breaks up there day, visits will be around 20 mins each visit pets can be taken for short walks or let into garden for  toilet breaks, i will play with your pets and provide cuddles, make sure they have clean water provided and feed if required,
 Elderly dogs and puppies benefit from this service, i will clean up any accidents that they might of had,empty litter trays, change puppy pads, turn off/on lights, pick up  mail from behind doors if required i can also offer this service for cats or any small pets eg hamsters,rabbits ect...

Pet Taxi

 Need to get your pet/pets to vets, dog groomers ect..but don't have the transport or time, i can provide a pet taxi service to get your pets where they need to be, i will  pick them up and drop them back off at your required address, transport is air conditioned with secure cages, water, first aid box, spare leads/collars on board at all  times, if not travelling with pets if required i can keep you updated by text when they arrive at destination and when they are securely back at home. 

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